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  يرجى من الطلبة الذين لديهم كتب متأخرة للمكتبة إرجاعها إلى قسم الإعارة بالسرعة الممكنة تجنبا لأي غرامات أو حرمان من الإعارة
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Library Services




The library offers its services to the university of Petra students, teaching and administrative staff, as well as scholars from outside the university and to its alumni. These services include:

Lending Services:

  1. Lending books to students and to teaching and administrative staff members.
  2. Offering library services to scholars from outside the university is subject to an annual fee .
  3. Reserving books on shelf for the use of the teaching staff.
  4. Evening loan services.

Search and Guidance Services
The sub-librarians in the Arabic section, the foreign section and the periodical section are prepared to offer guidance and answer questions concerning the library instructions, how to use references, the location of periodicals or publications related a certain topic They are also ready to instruct students how to use electronic indices and the internet.

Data-bases and Electronic Library
The library offers services concerning its data-based systems for books and periodicals via the university internet. The library possesses specialized laboratories for these services and offers the use of equipment on the various floors and guides students in the best way of using these services.

Printing and Copying Services
The library offers copying services concerning the library publications that cannot be borrowed such as references and periodicals on the condition that this does not infringe on the property right. The library also offers printing services to students and university staff in computer laboratories and internet, in return for a symbolic fee. Printing of research material and articles obtained from the web are offered free of charge.

Reading Rooms
The library provides students with a number of reading rooms where they can read freely and in a quiet atmosphere.


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